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Sidewalk Program Incentive Application

  1. Existing Property Type
  2. Rental Property
  3. Corner Lot
  4. Acknowledgements*

    1. I have received and read a copy of City Resolution 715-22 that authorizes the funding and parameters for the program and agree to follow all procedures and criteria. 

    2. Applications must be filed before December 31, 2022 to be eligible. 

    3. Owner is responsible for completing work and undergoing post completion inspection by the City of Valley Center prior to receiving reimbursement of funds. 

    4. Owner is responsible for including a receipt for materials, paid invoice, or statement in order to receive payment. 

    5. Applicants placed on the waiting list are not guaranteed to receive payment. 

    6. This program is subject to modification and termination at the discretion of the City of Valley Center 

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