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Animal Services

  1. Livestock and Fowl License Application
  2. Trap Request and Agreement

    The form to be used to request to use/borrow a live trap.

  1. Lost Pet Report

    This form is to be used for reporting a lost or missing pet.

  2. Valley Center Kennel or Shelter License Application

    Form to be completed in order to maintain 5 or more dogs or cats at one physical address.

Community Development

  1. Business License Application (Contractor)

    If you need assistance or have any questions while filling out this form, please contact the Community Development Assistant at... More…

  1. To request more information, click here...

    Please fill out this form and a representative of the City will be in contact with you soon.


  1. Sidewalk Program Incentive Application

    The City’s share will be up to 50% up to a maximum of $800 per street frontage. A corner lot with a sidewalk along both streets could... More…


  1. Block Party Permit Application

    Applications must be submitted at least 48 hours before the requested block party

  2. Contact Chief Newman (by email) Form

    Contact form for Chief Newman.

  3. House Watch Request
  1. Contact Capt. Vogt (by email) Form

    Contact form for Capt. Vogt.

  2. Contact Sgt. Kirk (by email) Form

    Contact form for Sgt. Kirk

  3. Vacation Request (INTRANET)


  1. Utility Payment Extension Form

    Please complete this form and submit for extension of the due date of your current utility bill.