When is the Mayor allowed to vote?

Under the Mayor/Council/Administrator form of government, the mayor has an "original" vote only on Charter Ordinances. The Mayor may also cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie vote of Council. The mayor is not required to vote in case of a tie. When the President of the Council conducts the meeting during the absence of the Mayor, the President retains his/her right to an original vote on all matters coming before the Governing Body. The mayor is the only member of the Governing Body whose vote is restricted. Passage of ordinances requires a majority of the members-elect, regardless of how many are in attendance or if vacancies exist. In the case of Valley Center, this number is five (5). It is possible for a motion on an ordinance to receive a majority of the votes of the members present, but still fail to gather the five votes necessary. According to Kansas Statute 12-3002, if the votes in favor of the motion reaches one less than the required number, the mayor can cast the fifth vote necessary for adoption of the ordinance. Vacancies caused by resignation or a vacancy caused by any other reason does not change the number required to meet the test of "a majority of the members elect", nor does it change the number required for a quorum. Council must have a quorum to conduct business. The mayor does not count when determining the presence of a quorum. 

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