Meridian Avenue Project

Valley Center is excited to provide you with detailed information about this essential infrastructure project that aims to improve the city's road network and enhance the quality of life for all residents and visitors. This project will include a full-depth replacement consisting of concrete streets and curbs, sidewalks, additions to our storm water system, water line and street lighting updates as well as many other beautification details.  The construction project will be completed in several stages to minimize disruptions to the community. Each stage will focus on specific areas, and we will provide regular updates to keep you informed as this exciting project progresses!

Estimated project completion: Spring of 2025

*Meridian Ave Northbound One-Way*

Beginning on Monday, January 22nd at approximately 10:00am, Meridian Ave will become a One-Way Road for all Northbound traffic only between E 5th Street & Main Street. 
 The intersection at E 5th & Meridian Ave will remain open for all eastbound & westbound traffic. The intersection at Main & Meridian Ave will remain open.
 This section of the project is anticipated to be completed in August 2024.

Detour Map

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Meridian Ave Main-5th Project OverviewLight Pole with Flag
Aerial (Main to 3rd)Aerial (3rd to 5th)

View a Virtual Walkthrough

Check out this new interactive walkthrough of what the finished Meridian Avenue Project will look like between Main Street & 5th Street.

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