Property Tax Calculator

Below is the City's interactive property tax calculator. The property tax calculator serves a few different purposes.

 One purpose is to help prospective home buyers estimate their property tax bill when shopping for a new home in Valley Center. It can also help residents determine what changes will occur to their property tax bill based upon what the City mill levy is for the following budget year. Residents can also use it to see what effect major home additions or renovations may have on their property tax bill

To use the calculator, select which type of property you are wanting to calculate your property taxes for. The majority of properties within the city or considered residential. If you own a commercial or industrial business, select commercial. 

Once you have selected your property type, use the slider in the home/property value section and slide it to the left to lower the home/property value or slide it to the right to increase the value until it matches your home's/property's current/renovated value. 

Once the value slider is set, feel free to adjust the City mill levy slider*.  Move the slider to the left to decrease the mill levy and to the right to increase the mill levy. 

   (You can also highlight the values and type them in if needed)

The City's mill levy is only a portion of your total tax bill. As of tax year 2022, the total property tax levy for a property in Valley Center is 151.118 mills. The total tax levy includes the following taxing jurisdictions:

   State of Kansas, Sedgwick County, City of Valley Center, VC Library, USD 262, and the Rec Commission

*The City's current mill levy for 2023 is 54.856 mills. The mill levy for 2024 will stay at the current 54.856 mills.