Vibrant Hydrant Program

hydrant 4

We are happy to announce “The Vibrant Hydrant Program”. It is a program designed to help the city and its residents to display their character, pride, skill, and talent.

We have selected hydrants throughout the Valley Center area that participants can display their artwork. Hydrants that were chosen are in key locations throughout the city such as local parks, Main Street and Meridian.

The idea is for a participant to choose a theme to paint a hydrant, which must be pre-approved by the city (examples have been illustrated but, are not limited to these designs). The basic supplies will be made available by the city such as paint and paint brushes. The only thing you will need to provide is your time, talent, and creativity.

To participate, please print the following documents and turn into the Valley Center Department, either in person or at the following email addresses: or

Vibrant Hydrant Program

For participation information contact the Valley Center Fire Department at (316) 755-7303 or you can E-mail us at: or