5th Street Road Improvement Updates

11/30/18 Update: 5th Street from the Floodway to Fiddler's Creek and High Point, as well as Seneca through 5th Street, is now open to traffic.

Phase 1: Bridge over Floodway to High Point (KDOT Administrated)

  • Due to weather delays and minimum temperatures required for asphalt surface course and permanent pavement marking construction, final completion of the project will be delayed until Spring 2019.
  • The asphalt base course and temporary striping will be completed during the week of November 26, 2018.
  • Temporary asphalt wedge ramps will be constructed at intersections to smooth out vehicular traffic over the 2” lip.
  • Temporary mulch stabilization will be placed to stabilize the site during the winter.
  • 35 MPH speed limit and stop signs will be installed.
  • A stop work order will be issued through KDOT and the roadway will be open to two way traffic up completion of the items above. Anticipated opening to traffic on base course asphalt is December 3, 2018.  
  • Work shall resume March 1, 2019 barring additional weather delays. Work remaining includes asphalt surface course, permanent striping, sidewalk, site grading and seeding. 


Phase 2 = High Point to Broadway (City Administrated)

  • Work to continue as normal in December until completion of asphalt base course. 
  • Upon completion of asphalt base course, roadway will be opened to two way traffic similar to Phase 1.  The anticipated opening to traffic on base course asphalt is December 31, 2018.
  • Final completion of Phase 2 to occur simultaneous to Phase 1 in March, 2019.