Architectural Guidelines

The following architectural guidelines are in place for all land bank properties located in the Ridgefield Addition. House builders are required to submit as part of their building permit application house building plans, which will clearly show that all required building guidelines are met. For more information on building standards and to access the building permit application, please visit the Building Permits section of the City of Valley Center’s website. 

  • All residences shall have a minimum 1,200 square feet of main floor living space
  • All residences shall have poured concrete basements that shall contain a floor area comprising at least eighty percent (80%) of the ground level floor area contained in the residence, exclusive of porches and garages
  • The exterior walls and facings of all structures constructed on any lot shall be of brick, stone, stucco, wood siding or paneling, glass, glass blocks, vinyl or steel siding
  • The front elevation shall be of forty percent (40%) masonry construction. (Any side elevations facing a street should also meet this standard)
  • All residences shall have a minimum 5/12 roof pitch on the front elevation
  • All residences shall have a minimum garage size of at least two cars (side by side)
  • Roofs shall be Heritage Style shingles in the weathered wood color
  • Exterior colors shall be selected to blend with the established homes already built
Beginning in 2020, the City of Valley Center now conducts all residential inspections in-house, rather than contract this work out to Sedgwick County. This will greatly help expedite inspections of all residential building projects, including new residential construction.