Animal control



Responsibilities include educating the public about and enforcing the Animal Control Regulations for the City of Valley Center.
Animal Control Regulations   

If you have lost or found an animal please contact Frank Miller at (316) 755-7325.

To update your dog license please come into City Hall, 121 S. Meridian. Bring your proof of rabies vaccination and the City of Valley Center dog license form which should be filled out and signed by you. For questions regarding this form contact 755-7310.

Pets are often considered part of our families. When a pet goes lost or missing it can be a traumatic experience for children and adults alike. If you have a lost or missing pet please complete a lost pet report or contact, Frank Miller, Animal Control officer at 316-755-7325.
In order to maximize the chances of recovery please provide:
  • A complete description of your pet
  • Its last known location
  • The pets name
  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Email pictures to Animal control and missing notification will be posted on Valley Center Animal League and Valley Center Public Safety's Facebook pages.