Theft from Auto

How to protect the property in your car from theft

O.K., let's get the bad news out of the way first. If a thief is determined to get in your car, they will.


Now, the better news. Some simple, easily taken steps may be all you'll need to frustrate a thief. The object is to make your car less inviting to a potential car thief or burglar. Time is of the essence to a thief, so anything that will slow them down is a potential deterrent.

Lock your car when you leave

Pretty basic, right? According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), 31% of owners don't lock their doors, and 11% admit they sometimes leave their keys in the ignition. Three-quarters of the vehicles stolen last year were left unlocked. Each time you leave your car, close all the windows and lock all the doors. Don't, under any circumstances, leave the keys in an unattended car. This includes keeping a spare key hidden somewhere on the car. A determined thief will know all the hiding places.

Theft can happen anywhere, even in Valley Center.

Don't broadcast the contents of your car

You may not be able to remove the your car stereo, but you can hide other type of valuables. Place your belongings in your locked trunk, glove compartment, or under the front seats. Most hatchbacks and station wagons have roll-up security covers for the cargo area; get in the habit of parking with the cover in place. Make sure your car has a way of locking the remote trunk release from the inside, otherwise, you might want to reconsider placing your valuables in the trunk!

Theft Prevention Devices

Learn more about theft prevention devices - to protect your car and it's contents.

Inventory your property

Whether you have property in or outside of your vehicle, in your home, or loaned out, you should always have an Inventory List.