Carjacking - Armed Theft of Automobiles from Their Drivers


Imagine sitting at a traffic signal and having someone thrust a gun in your face and taking your car from you. Or having your car stolen from your driveway or while you're getting gas. This is the crime called CARJACKING.

Opportunity and vulnerability of victims are some of the reasons for carjacking. For some, carjacking is a rite of passage, status symbol, or just for the thrill.
Cars are becoming harder to steal. Thieves find it much easier to steal a car with the owner inside and the keys in the ignition than it is to break into a car.
Carjacking can happen anywhere, not just in traditional "high crime" areas. It can happen just as easily during the daytime hours as it is after dark.

Some of the windows of opportunity that carjackers look for:

• Intersections controlled by stop signs or lights.
• Garages and parking lots for mass transit, shipping malls, and grocery stores.
• Self-serve gas stations and car washes.
• Automated teller machines.
• Residential driveways and streets as people get into and out of their vehicles.
• Highway exit ramps, or anyplace that drivers slow down or stop.