Water Department

Currently the City of Valley Center purchases water from the City of Wichita. The City has one pressure booster station and a second connection on Seneca to control flow into the City water tower. The benefits to the citizens of Valley Center are softer water with less scaling properties and an increase of 10-15 pounds of water pressure can be expected. 

Identifying Your Interior PlumbingFaucet

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced changes to drinking water regulations which now requires water suppliers to identify all materials used in the construction of water distribution systems nationwide

 The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) is requiring public water supply systems to submit this information before October 16, 2024. Because this task is so monumental, we are requesting your assistance in collecting the needed information.

The City of Valley Center, as the water supplier, must identify all construction materials used on both our side and the consumer side of the water meter, which means that we need your help! 

Please respond to this brief survey regarding your interior plumbing materials.

Interior Plumbing Survey

A safe, reliable water supply is critical to the success of any community. It creates jobs, attracts industry and investment, and provides for the health and welfare of citizens in ways ranging from disease prevention to fire suppression. We often take water supply for granted until it is threatened, either by drought, water main breaks, or some other event.

Water Standards

For further information regarding water standards consult the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Water Usage and Leak Detection

The average person in Valley Center uses approximately 50 gallons per day. That’s just over 1,500 gallons per month for each person in your house. Multiply that by a family of 4 and water usage can easily reach 6,000 gallons per month. An average of 14% of residential water is lost through leaking fixtures or pipes inside your home. So how can you reduce the amount of water you use? It’s easy to check how much water is used and whether you have a leak in your home
face of a water meter showing zero's