Public Records

Archives & Records

The City Clerk acts as the Freedom of Information Officer for all records, public papers, and documents for the City of Valley Center dating back to the time of the City's incorporation. Public Records are specified by State Statute and the retention schedule decided upon by the Valley Center City Council. The City Clerk's Office administers:
  • Records management and storage for the City
  • Agendas and Minutes for City Council and special meetings
  • Ordinances and Resolutions duly certified and published
  • City Capital Project records
The City Clerk and her staff must adhere to the legislation put forth in the Kansas Open Records Act (KORA). This legislation governs the rules and regulations associated with public records and how said records can and cannot be disseminated.

Available Open Records

Most records maintained by the City Clerk are open for citizens to inspect and have copied. Available 'open records' include but are not limited to: