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November 7, 2008
Interim Administrator Hired, Special Meeting, and Reception for Veterans Saturday

As you may have heard or read in the media, Council approved the hiring of a gentleman to fill the role as our interim City Administrator. The man selected to fill the position is Mr. George Kolb. You may recall his name, as he was the former City Manager for the City of Wichita. Mr. Kolb will be working two to three days a week in addition to attending the Council meetings.

Mr. Kolb will be serving in this capacity until a candidate can be hired to fill the position full-time. He will begin work on Monday, November 10th. I expect Mr. Kolb to bring an exciting new point of view to Valley Center. I am looking forward to working with him over the next few months. It should be noted that Mr. Kolb will not be a candidate for the permanent position as City Administrator. This was one of the requirements during the search for a suitable candidate. To hire someone who is in competition for the full time position would give that person an unfair advantage over other candidates.

The process of developing a profile and advertising for a new City Administrator continues. Council and I are working closely with the Austin Peters Group to make sure the effort yields the best possible pool of candidates.

Council will meet in a special meeting Monday, November 10th at 7:00 PM. The meeting will be at City Hall, 121 S. Meridian. During this meeting the only items of business discussed will be related to development and finalization of the profile in order that we can continue the search for our City Administrator, and consideration of adoption of revisions to the ordinance from 1980 establishing the position of City Administrator. Council gave tentative approval during the November 4th meeting. Adoption of the revisions will allow the search to proceed.

Join us Saturday morning (November 8th) at City Hall for an important time as we remember our veterans. The reception will begin at 8:30 and at about 10:30 we will move to Veterans Park for the dedication of the newest flag to be added to the flag park. The Merchant Marine flag will now fly proudly with the other branches honoring their service to our nation. Our own Councilmember, Jack Townsley, served our country proudly as a member of the Merchant Marines during World War II. Ask Jack about his service and be prepared for a fascinating history lesson from his memories. Join us Saturday as we honor Jack and all of the men and women in our community who have given of themselves for our freedom.

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Mike McNown, Mayor

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October 25, 2008
Changes at City Hall and Flood Waters

As you most likely have heard, or read, there have been some changes at City Hall. Mr. Creech, our City Administrator has resigned for a position as the County Administrator for Harper County, Kansas. Mr. Creech was with the City of Valley Center for seven years. His service to the community will be missed. Valley Center?s loss is Harper County?s gain. I wish him well as he faces new challenges and opportunities with Harper County.

Council has approved hiring The Austin Peters Group to assist in locating our new City Administrator. In the next few days I will be asking Council to approve the hiring of an individual to serve in the capacity as our interim City Administrator until a permanent Administrator can be hired. While Mr. Creech?s service to the community was greatly appreciated, I am the only member of the Governing Body who was in office when Mr. Creech was selected. The current Council will now determine the qualifications they want our new Administrator to possess. I am pleased to have The Austin Peters Group on-board to facilitate that process.

The long time Chairman of the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals, Al Hobson, resigned from the Commission after twelve years of dedicated service. Mr. Hobson was extremely knowledgeable of planning issues and held the position as Chairman most of his tenure on the Commission planning the growth of our community. Mr. Danny Park will assume the vacancy on the Commission.

The flood waters have receded, but the aftermath of damage caused is still being dealt with by many residents. The engineering firm for the City, Professional Engineering Consultants, PA, continues to work with the builders as the builders develop plans to minimize the risk of future problems. As you know, the rain fell at a historic rate and shattered the records for rainfall in the area. It is not only the rainfall on Valley Center, but that which falls in the basin to the north of the City that can cause problems.

Various options are being investigated, but the threat of a tremendous volume of rainfall in a short amount of time will always plague Valley Center, as it does many communities. Planning to deal with these storms is based on the ?100 year? rainfall records. As we saw during this storm, those records can be exceeded. During the height of the storm, my fear was that Hurricane Ike would follow the path northward from the Gulf and come in right behind what we were already dealing with. Fortunately, for Valley Center, Ike came ashore and turned to the east before crossing over our area, thus preventing even more flood waters.

To what extent does a builder or City prepare? No plan to deal with future similar storms is perfect, and each option that has been considered has a cost ranging from expensive to very expensive. Study of the issue will continue and a ?best? option will be determined. Council has indicated the desire to see a plan dealing with the issue before approval is given for more homes to be built in the affected area. Another issue from the storm was the backup of water from the sanitary service lines. Some older homes were built without check valves installed in the lines leading from the homes into the collection system. I urge you to check with a local plumber to investigate the possibility of installing a check valve in your home. These valves consist of a simple ?flapper? that allows flow through the line in one direction. The installation of these simple devices is highly recommended and required in new homes. The addition of a relative inexpensive rider to your home owners insurance should also be considered to specifically cover damage from backup of water from the sanitary service lines.

Mark your calendars and make sure you cast your vote in the upcoming November 4th National election. Early voting has already begun. If you have questions regarding the election, please visit the Sedgwick County Election Commissioner?s web page, or call (316) 660-7100.

Please contact your Council representatives and/or me with any questions or concerns you may have. The public is always welcome at Council meetings which are held the first and third Tuesday of each month. The meetings begin at 7:00 PM and, unless otherwise noted, are held at City Hall, 121 S. Meridian. Time is reserved during each meeting for public input.

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Mike McNown, Mayor

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July 31, 2008
Budget Discussions Near Deadline

Discussions on the 2009 City Budget are nearing completion. During the Special Meeting on July 24th, members of the Council voiced their intent and voted unanimously to hold the line on an increase in the mill levy. The initial vote by Council is to hold the mill levy at or below the current rate. The rate for the current year is 48.761 mills.

Council does not set the mill levy directly, but rather determines the amount of funds that need to be raised through property tax. The county then sets the levy based upon the taxable value of the city. This exact amount is not known until November, but Council is given an estimate, which is normally very close. Based upon those numbers Council can work with Staff and have a fairly good idea at what level the rate will be set. To set the mill levy at exactly 48.761 mills is not possible (except by pure luck) as the data regarding property values has not been officially set by the County. A very slight variation in the official valuation from the estimate is likely, but the intent of your Council is to hold the line on an increase in the mill levy. If the final mill levy is a few hundredths or thousands of a mill different than what we anticipate, this is to be expected.

Does this mean there will not be an increase in property taxes? The answer to this is no. There most likely will be an increase in the actual money we pay in property taxes. Are you now asking how the mill levy can remain at the current rate and there still be a property tax increase? The answer is that most of our properties have increased in value, based on the assessment by the County. Given the fact your property is probably now assessed at a higher rate than last year, the same mill rate will inevitably cost a little more. Therefore, under this scenario, even though the mill levy may stay the same, there would be an increase in the amount of money we all pay in taxes. If you would like to read more about how the mill levy impacts your taxes read my earlier entry on how to calculate your property taxes.

Based on comments from Council during the July 24th meeting, I would anticipate Council will be ready to vote on August 5th to set the 2009 Budget for publication in the Ark Valley News on the 9th with a public hearing scheduled for the August 19th meeting. Once this vote and publication have occurred, Council can lower the rate, but cannot raise it without another vote, publication and public hearing. Following the public hearing, Council should be prepared to cast the final vote to finalize the budget for 2009.
As is the case with our individual personal budgets there are always more wants and needs than there is money available. I admire the individual members of the Council who have taken a firm stance to hold the line on spending. The budget is a complex document that requires a lot of work on the part of Staff and Council. Setting of the budget is the most important responsibility your elected representatives are faced with each year. I encourage you to attend the public hearing, contact your Council representative with your thoughts, and become involved in your City.

On a very personal note, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all those who have called, sent cards or contacted me personally to offer their condolences regarding the passing of my father on July 16th. He will be missed by all who knew him. Dad's obituary appeared in the Ark Valley News in the July 24th edition.

My wife found the following composed by an unknown author. It has special meaning to me with the passing of Dad. I hope you reflect on it as I have...
At age 4: "My Dad can do anything!"
At age 7: "My Dad knows a lot-a whole lot!"
At age 14 "How could I ever expect Dad to understand this?"
At age 19 "My old man just isn't with it."
At age 30 "I've got to find out what Dad Thinks about this."
At age 40 "Before we decide, let's get Dad's idea first."
At age 60 "My Dad knew literally everything."
At age 65 "How I wish I could talk it over with Dad just once more! I really miss that man."

Donald L McNown
September 11, 1931 - July 16, 2008

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Mike McNown, Mayor

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June 4, 2008
Outgoing and Incoming Council Members

It has been a long time since the last update and a lot of changes have occurred in Valley Center. As most already know, Councilmember Virginia Black from Ward 1 resigned due to her upcoming marriage. She will be leaving Valley Center and moving to Peck, KS. Her enthusiasm will be missed. Several have asked her how long it will be before she is on the Peck City Council. She is a person who is always eager to take on new challenges. Her service to the community spanned several years. She served the community both while on Council and off. She was instrumental in locating our current City Administrator, Mr. Creech. Her most recent task was heading up the task force to examine the feasibility of a project that would have housed a new aquatic center, library, recreation center and senior center. Virginia put many hours into this effort, along with her group of interested residents, business owners, and even two high school students.

Filling Virginia's seat on the Council was of great importance with Council entering into the most important duty for which a Council is responsible. That duty is to set the budget for the City. My goal in filling this vacancy was to find someone who has demonstrated involvement in our community and who would be a good fit. I believe I found that person in the appointment of Bruce Campbell. Mr. Campbell has served on the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals, thereby demonstrating his willingness to commit to this new challenge.

With the approval of Council, I appointed Mr. Campbell during the May 20th meeting. He formally took his seat as a Member of the Valley Center Governing Body on June 3rd. Councilmembers Campbell and Cicirello represent Ward 1. Councilmember Campbell's term will expire April of 2011.

Ward one includes the are west of the center line of Meridian from the north city limits, south to 4th street. From 4th street it cuts back west along the center line to Birch. The line then extends south along the centerline of Birch to 2nd street where it goes back to the west along the centerline of 2nd to the east Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rail Road right-of-way. The line then follows the right-of-way north to the city limits and around the north to connect with Meridian where it started. Also included in Ward 1 is an island of city property on which the cemetery is located. For a more precise legal description of Ward 1 as well as the other Wards, please visit the Document Center and see Ordinance No. 1115-06, outlining the area.

You most likely heard the tornado sirens last week when the skys were clear. This was an unscheduled testing of our ability to activate the sirens the police vehicle radios. Ordinarily these are set off by the Emergency Communications dispatchers; however, during one of our recent thunderstorms, Emergency Communications took a lightning hit knocking out some equipment.

Emergency Communications is now operating on a back-up system. The insurance investigator was out to examine the damage last week and will be reporting back. In the meantime Emergency Communications is operating on back-up equipment, and as was evidenced by the siren activations you heard, the tornado sirens can be activated by the patrol officers. A priority of Staff and Council is to get Emergency Communications off of the back-up equipment and fully operational as quickly as possible.

Council will continue work to determine the 2009 budget. As I have done in previous years, I ask that you contact your Council representative or myself to let us know your thoughts regarding the budget. We typically hear a lot of comments after the fact, but very little during the time when the budget is being set. Are there areas you would like to see the City explore, or services/items for which would prefer to not not see our tax dollars used? All are welcome to attend the meetings. Regular meetings are at 7:00 PM on the first and third Tuesday of each month at City Hall, 121 S. Meridian. Special meetings are called as needed.

Speaking of Special Meetings. Do you want to know when Council is holding Special Meetings? Would you like to be notified of other activities of the City? Under K.S.A. 75-4318, you may make written request to be notified of public meetings. In Valley Center this is accomplished by completing and submitting a Citizen Request for Open Meeting Notification form. This form is good for the calendar year. To continue receiving notifications you must renew notification of your desire to be notified each year.

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Mike McNown, Mayor

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March 29, 2008
New Look of Blog

Hopefully you have noticed the new look of the Blog. I have tried to add interactive functionality allowing you easier access to information. The first thing you will notice is at the top of the page. You see an index of the major topics discussed. If you click on the item of interest you will not have to scroll down through the various updates to find the information you are looking for.

Some of the features may or may not work on your computer. I have found that some operating systems and browers handle the content differently. I will explain how they are "suppose to work. At home I use the 64 bit version of Windows XP. The more common 32 bit versions work much better with the features on this site. Microsoft Internet Explorer sometimes works differently than Mozilla.

In the preseeding sentence you saw a hyperlink. If you clicked on that link you should have been taken to the Mozilla site to download the Mozilla browser. In the previous sentence if you put your mouse over the underlined work "hyperlink" you should see a short and simple definition of the term. This is also true when you "hover" the mouse over the hyperlink in the above paragraph. It should tell you what clicking on the link will do.

At the end of each update you will see links that will take you to the top of the page or to the Valley Center Home page. The current window will change to the home page. If you click on the colorful purple and gold City logo in the divider bar between each update, a separate browser window will be initiated with the Valley Center Home page as the focus. This will allow you to keep the Blog open and go back to the home page.

Another feature I try to include is that of linking to the Council Packets when I discuss items Council discussed. You will find this in the update with mention of the Sanitary Wastewater Project. If you link on the "pictures" link, in that update, you should be taken to the section of the packet with the pictures. If it does not work with your computer system, you will instead be taken to the first page of the packet and have to scroll through the packet to find the pictures. This is the feature with which I have had the biggest compatibility issues. Sometimes it works and other times.....

I do hope you find the enhancements both useful and attractive. If you would like other features added to the site, please let us know. It could be something you want added to the Blog or to another part of the City's Web site. I welcome your feedback and will try to make the site as useful as possible. I am not a very good programmer, but will keep trying to make this blog as informative and useful as possible.

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Mike McNown, Mayor

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March 19, 2008
Hazardous Waste Disposal

It is Spring and time to clean out the old stuff you have been tripping over in the garage all Winter. At least that is what my wife tells me. At the meeting on the 18th, Council approved a plan to sponsor an opportunity for residents to dispose of those items considered hazardous materials. Sedgwick County Public Works operates the Household Hazardous Waste Facility giving residents the opportunity to dispose of items that otherwise are difficult to properly throw away.

The collection is scheduled for May 3rd between 9 AM and 1 PM in the parking lot at City Hall, 121 S. Meridian. Sedgwick County will dispose of the materials and Valley Center will staff the location to assist residents in unloading the materials. This is an event/service we have sponsored before, and is one we are happy to sponsor again this year.

In the table below you will see a list of some of the more common items that will be accepted. I will post an updated list that is to be supplied to us as we get closer to May 3rd. I thank Sedgwick County Commissioner Parks for his suggestion that one of the collection sites be located in Valley Center this year.
Prescription Drugs
Garden Chemicals
Non-Prescription Drugs
Used Motor Oil
Florescent Bulbs
Household Cleaners
Council received an update from the City Engineer regarding the Waste Water Treatment Facility Phase 2 improvements. Council was pleased to hear the $2.88 million project is proceeding on schedule. While the project will only increase the daily capacity by 100,000 gallons per day to approximately 600,000 gallons per day, the main focus of Phase 2 is to meet more stringent Federal compliance mandates regarding the quality of the discharge water leaving the facility. You can view the pictures of the construction that were provided to Council members. The next phase of improvements will take the capacity to 1,000,000 gallons per day.

Council will consider a reduction of the speed limit for all of part of 5th (85th) street from the Public Safety Building east to Broadway. A traffic study was conducted in the latter part of 2007 regarding the 55 MPH limit. Council members took no action at that time. Complaints from residents in the area have prompted Councilmembers to again consider the safety of the current limit. Staff has been asked to bring a possible ordinance to the April 1st meeting for Council consideration.

I have asked Council meet at City Hall at 7 PM on Thursday, March 27th for a Special Meeting (work session) to discuss the 2009 budget with Staff. The intent of the meeting is to give Councilmembers the opportunity to discuss with each other and Staff their ideas for the direction they would like to lead the City in 2009 and beyond. Council is in the preliminary stages of work on the 2009 budget and this is an important part of that process. As always, the public is encouraged to attend and witness the discussion.

The notes and Council packet materials from the March 18th Council meeting can be reviewed on-line.

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Mike McNown, Mayor

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February 29, 2008
Splash Pad and Pool
The swimming pool has had the attention of the Governing Body since I was elected to Council in 2001. Council never seemed to be able to come to a consensus on the best course of action. While we realize the facility is aging, it remains very serviceable. You have heard others, as well as myself, discuss various options to allow us to maintain a quality swimming pool for our community. Some wanted a full blown water park while others wanted no additional expenditures for this amenity. I believe Council has taken the steps to achieve a compromise that will meet the needs of the community with a cost effective solution.

It has been a long road with a lot of options being explored. The current plan seems to be a very well thought out solution. Council has voted to approve an epoxy coating on the existing swimming vessel rather than a flexible liner. This choice was made due to the favorable results of past epoxy applications. The pool will be cleaned and deterioration repaired before the epoxy is applied. By taking this approach, Council was able to explore the addition of "toys" to the pool.

Staff brought Council some ideas for enhancements to the pool. Several letters I have received from children and in talking to attendees at the Ward meetings in 2006, one of the main items desired was a slide. Staff identified a structure that would have two slides and looks like a lot of fun! The one in this picture is similar to the slide Council is considering. Council has not yet approved the final details.
Two Tube Pool Slide - Click on picture to see agenda material on this item. Must have Adobe Reader installed to view.

ouncil has also been presented with some items that may not be as familiar to some of us, and shown interest in a climbing wall similar to the structure pictured below. Interest has also been shown in deck mounted basketball goals.

Climbing Wall - Click on picture to see agenda material on this item. Must have Adobe Reader installed to view. Basketball Goal - Click on picture to see agenda material on this item. Must have Adobe Reader installed to view.

hese do not make our pool new, but their addition would give the pool a new look and offer some new fun! Council also approved the addition of a "Splash Pad" in McLaughlin park. Splash Pads are something new that communities are installing for the recreation of children. Staff presented four designs, one of which is pictured below. I proposed to Council that since all four designs are close in cost, that asking the children in grades K-5 to vote for their favorite would be fun. Council unanimously approved installing the facility in McLaughlin park and allowing the children to make the selection. The children made their selection this week and the results of their decision will be announced to Council on March 4th at the regular meeting.

Splash Pad
The details of these projects are still being worked out. Staff has been in contact with other communities to learn the "best practices" for installation and maintenance of these facilities. I believe Council has takes a very positive step forward in this area. While splash pads are a new concept in Valley Center, they have been in other communities for a few years. I am hopeful this first facility will be a huge success and Council will budget for additional facilities in Lions Park and Arrowhead Park. Time and experience will determine the success of Splash Pads in Valley Center.

The addition of these recreation enhancements was the result of the Capital Improvement Projects (CIP), Council approved earlier this year. These enhancements along with an initiative to upgrade all sand roads in the city limits to a hard surface over the next few years and to improve the parking lot at the Public Works building at 545 W. Clay, were the areas Council voted to address in the 2008 CIP. Council sets aside money each year for those CIP items identified as being the most needed.

Click on the following link to read the February 19th Council meeting. This file has more pictures and the costs associated with the equipment Council reviewed with regard to the pool enhancements and Splash Pad. Click on the following link to view the agenda and materials Council will consider during the March 4th meeting.

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Mike McNown, Mayor

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February 12, 2008
Calculate Your Property Taxes / Annexation and Incorporation

Annexation... few words cause such an emotional exchange of dialog during Council meetings as this one. I am not going to try to sway your opinion regarding annexation, but rather attempt to answer some of the questions that have come before the Governing Body over the past few months and years. Council has approved the first seven phases of a thirteen phase plan. The current pending phase, #8, is quite different from those Council has previously adopted.

The reason for the uniqueness of Phase 8, as you may recall, the residents formally filed petitions with Sedgwick County expressing their desire to become an incorporated city, rather than be annexed into Valley Center. This application is currently before the County Commission pending a public hearing scheduled for March 5th at the Sedgwick County Courthouse (525 N. Main in Wichita). Most likely, we each have our own personal feelings on the issue, but no matter what your views, this is an opportunity to observe a process that is not all that common, as it unfolds. The last incorporations in Kansas occured in Sedgwick County. As you may recall, in the Fall of Park City and Bel Aire became the most recent cities to incorporate in Sedgwick County. Parkerfield, in Cowley County, is the most recent in our state. Their date of incorporation was March 16, 2004. Parkerfield is near Arkansas City.

If you are interested, and would like to read more regarding the requirements the State of Kansas mandates for citizens to incorporate as a city, you can find them on the State of Kansas web site. Chapter 15 of the Kansas Statutes addresses issues related to Cities of the Third Class. Kansas groups cities into three classes. Those being Cities of the First, Second and Third classes. By state statute, one of the requirements for incorporation is that cities have a population of no less than 300 in order to incorporate. Once a city reaches a population of 2,000 that city can become a city of the second class, but is not required to do so until it reaches a population of 5,000. Cities of the second class may become a city of the first class when their population reaches 15,000, but again, they are not required to do so until the population reaches 25,000. Once a city is established at a given level, a loss of population causing the population to drop below the established thresholds does not require the city to revert to the previous classification. There are currently 628 incorporated cities in Kansas.

The question of taxes, understandably, always comes up when annexation is discussed. In this update to the blog we will only examine the tax rate for residential property, as it generates the most questions. In Kansas, residential property is taxed at the rate of 11.5% of appraised value. For simplicity, we will examine the numbers for a residential property with an appraised value of $100,000. The tax on this home would be $11.50 for each mill of property tax. The table below shows the total for other valuations. No matter what the value of the property, the rate of 11.5% remains the same. You don't know your appraised valuation? The County has the information available on their web site. Yes, the appraised value of our homes is public record.
Appraised Value Assessment Assessed Value Taxe Per Mil mill Rate Valley Center Property Taxes
To figure your specific rate, get the APPRAISED VALUE of your home from your tax papers or the Sedgwick County web site. Multiply your appraised value by 0.115 to determine your ASSESSED VALUE. Now take your ASSESSED VALUE and divide it by 1,000 to determine your rate per mil. Find the tax rate you want to determine, such as Valley Center's (48.761), and multiply your rate per mill by the mill rate. In this example 48.761 multiplied by 11.5 equals 560.7515. So, your Valley Center property tax in this example would be $560.75 per year.

This is only part of the equation. Now you need to know to what groups you tax dollars are going. While the table above shows the mill levy for the City of Valley Center, this is by no means the only tax, nor the largest percentage of your tax bill.

Here in Sedgwick County everyone pays Kansas and Sedgwick County Property Tax. Also you have to figure in the local School Board mill levy. Some Cities such as Park City are even more complicated, as they are in two different School Districts each with its own mill levy. Another tax that is added to some tax bills is when a person lives outside an incorporated city or the city in which they live contracts with the County for fire protection. If this scenario fits your situation you need to add 18.482 mils. Also, if you live in an unincorporated area you have the township mill levy added in. Valley Center is situated in the middle of four Townships. They are Kechi (SE), Park (SW), Grant (NE) and Valley Center (NW). The mill levies in these townships are 9.157, 4.387, 8.317 and 9.15 respectively. Even though these townships include Valley Center in their boundaries, residents within the city limits of Valley Center do not pay the township mill levies.

In Sedgwick County there are six cities of the second class, thirteen of the third class and one of the first. Those of the second class include, Bel Aire, Derby, Haysville, Park City, Valley Center and Mulvane.
As I pointed out in the table above, the mill levy for Valley Center has been set at 48.761. The State and County add another 32.833 mils and the School Board adds the final 57.743 mils, bringing the total to 139.337 mils. As you can see, 35% of a Valley Center residential property owner's tax bill goes to support the City. The remaining 65% is used elsewhere. The combined mill levies in the County for cities of the second class range from a low of 133.665 mils to a high of 158.648.

Armed with this information you can now determine your tax bill and where it comes from. If you live outside the city limits of Valley Center, or any other city, and would like to know what the tax impact will be if you are annexed, it is very easy to calculate. If you live in Sedgwick County, add the 18.482 mils for fire protection and the mill levy rate for the Township in which you live and subtract that from the mill levy of Valley Center or whatever other city that may annex your property. For example, a residence located in the Valley Center Township is currently assessed 18.482 mils for Sedgwick County fire and 9.15 mils for the Valley Center Township. An owner of this property is currently paying 27.632 mils for these services which makes the net increase, if you were to become a part of Valley Center, 21.129 mils or $243 per year on a residential property appraised by the County of having a value of $100,000.

This list is not intended to be all inclusive. There could be additional taxes depending on your location. The numbers used are those published on the Sedgwick County Treasurer web site. I have been asked several times what the numbers mean and how much a mill is in real world language. It is really quite simple to understand once you understand a mill is $1 for every $1,000 of ASSESSED valuation, and you understand how to determine the assessed valuation of your property. Figuring the assessed valuation was always the tricky part for me, but as you see, it really is not that difficult. Hopefully this makes sense. If not, Staff at City Hall or the County Courthouse are eager to answer your questions.

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Mike McNown, Mayor

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